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Behaviour and Learning Assistance Program

McKee School offers three Behaviour and Learning Assistance classrooms where programming is available to students in grade one through grade six. This specialized program helps students achieve academically while developing and applying acceptable behaviour and social skills in the classroom, school, and community. Each Behaviour and Learning Assistance classroom has a teacher and Educational Assistant to support student growth.

The Behaviour and Learning Assistance program focuses on helping students who have a diagnosed emotional or behavioural disability and require assistance with developing and demonstrating effective social, emotional and academic skills. There are opportunities for students to integrate into specific subjects in other classes based on their skill level and overall readiness.

In order to qualify for the Behaviour and Learning Assistance program, students require specialized assessments. A conversation with your child's current principal would be the first step in being able to access this program. Once appropriate assessments are complete, McKee School then works directly with your child's current school to facilitate the transition into our Behaviour and Learning Assistance program. 

BLA Parent Handbook 2020-2021