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Lunch & Nutrition

We strongly encourage students who live in the surrounding community to return home for lunch.  It is important to the general health and well being of every child, that where possible, one has a break from school and enjoy some fresh air.

All students who remain at school for the noon hour must obey the lunchroom guidelines including eating lunch in the designated rooms and not leaving the school grounds.  Students who do not follow these established guidelines will not be permitted to eat lunch at school. It is expected that most students will eat their lunch within one-half hour.  If the weather is favorable, students will then be supervised outside.  The Lunch Program contract may be found on SchoolZone.

Noon hour supervision is provided for all students who bring lunch.  The Lunch Program is an optional service operated on a shared cost basis between home and school.  Fees are payable to McKee School. Fees are due on the first day of each month. Please log in to SchoolZone and click on Fees to make your payment.