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Complementary Courses


French as a Second Language (FSL)

“The overarching goal of this (French as a Second Language) program…is to develop students who are sufficiently competent in French so that they can function in the language and culture outside the confines of the classroom.”                                                                                                                                                   ~ Alberta Program of Studies

McKee students begin learning French in Grade Four.  Division 2 students take French for approximately 150 minutes per week.  In French class, students are actively engaged in learning experiences that are meaningful and relevant to them. They take part in drama and music, games, role-playing and the use of technology to help them become functioning French-communicators.

This is a video from the Second Languages Counsel that you may wish to view. (Video)



"Music education should begin at an early age and should continue to encourage creative expression through performance, listening and composition. As students become sensitive to the expressive elements of music, they develop insight into human feelings."

                        ~ Program of Studies, Music  

Music education is an exciting part of a student’s day at McKee. Students are given 90 minutes per week of instruction from Grade one to Grade six, and 45 minutes per week in Kindergarten. At McKee, we are very fortunate to have a well-equipped music room which includes: soprano and alto recorders, djembe drums, xylophones and metallophones, a 3-octave set of handbells, as well as a variety of pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments. In addition to classroom music time, there is an Orff Club, Choir, and Handbell Club. McKee students perform at school assemblies, the Christmas Concert, and other school events throughout the year!