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School Profile

Located in the Empire Park community, McKee School is named after George Albert McKee, a former Edmonton Public Schools Superintendent. It is our mission as professionals to inspire and instill successful learning for all students in a safe, respectful and culturally responsive environment.

Our school shares property with the Duggan Health Office and Empire Park Community League. We are supported by the diversity and respect of the wonderful neighbourhoods that surround our school. We also benefit from the excellent support of our Friends of McKee Society who provide funding for many elements of our school and hold family oriented events at our school throughout the school year.

McKee School offers kindergarten to grade 6 programming and we are a district site for students requiring the behaviour and learning assistance program. Our focus is on literacy across the curriculum and we are also a community of leaders that are developed through the PAX Good Behaviour Game (GBG), which creates a nurturing setting throughout the school and in every classroom. This is helpful for developing prosocial behaviours, citizenship and character development in our students. Our school also offers a number of programs to help students find success including daily reading and phonics awareness, Lucy Calkins writers workshop, and Response to Intervention (RTI).

All of this helps us prepare our students for successful and healthy futures.