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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    The essence of the “Home-School-Community” partnership is evident in all that we do at McKee. We continue to promote high student achievement through a shared responsibility for teaching and learning in the 21st Century, and the creation of a positive, respectful and safe learning environment.



     Student Rights and Responsibilities

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  • School Profile

    School Profile

    McKee School is located in the southwest part of the city near the Southgate Shopping Centre.  We serve the Empire Park Community which has a number of condominium and rental complexes.  We also welcomed the Windermere Community as of September 2014.

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   We are extremely proud of our ‘Home-School-Community' partnership at McKee School. We have built a collaborative culture based upon strong relationships and high quality instruction. Every member of the McKee community places a great deal of importance on these relationships to ensure the successful academic and personal development of all of our students.

   McKee School offers programming from Kindergarten through to grade six. We also provide literacy intervention for some of our students at risk in the form of Reading Recovery and Levelled Literacy. Approximately half of our students receive some special needs programming in an inclusive setting. The majority of these students receive ESL support in the form of small-group instruction. Students in grades four, five and six receive instruction in French as a Second Language and at risk students receive Middle Years Literacy Intervention. McKee School is also a district site for Division l and Division ll Behaviour and Learning Assistance programming, spread out over three classes.

   The Boys and Girls Clubs' Big Brothers and Big Sisters operate from within our school and provide mentorship to approximately 30 students. Students are encouraged to participate in Music, Art, Computer and Running Clubs, AMA Safety Patrols, Student Leadership and Youth Smoking Awareness. The strong relationships that we have with our community allow us to provide our students with authentic and relevant learning experiences beyond the regular classroom.


Principal's Message

RESPECT is the underlying theme in all that we do to develop our students as well-rounded, responsible 21st Century learners. We are student-centred and believe that student opportunities, recognition and involvement are paramount to success.

In alignment with our school plan, to ensure the development of our students as learners and citizens, we assist them in the process of setting their own SMART goals in the areas of literacy, numeracy and citizenship. We also focus on the following three priorities in our core work:

  • All students will demonstrate growth in reading by at least one year through high quality instruction and daily reading incorporated into lesson plans.
  • All students will demonstrate growth in writing by at least one year through high quality instruction and daily writing incorporated into lesson plans.
  • All students will demonstrate growth in the ability to use higher level thinking skills through high quality instruction and daily numeracy-based problem solving incorporated into lesson plans.

It is a privilege to be part of the culture at McKee School, where the ‘home-school-community’ connection puts the development and authentic experiences of our students above all else. Positive, respectful relationships and high quality instruction will continue to form the foundation which defines us. I invite you to visit the school to experience the excellence for yourself.

Clinton Preeper